The Lansing Association for Human Rights is governed by a volunteer board. (Excellent headshots courtesy of Pablo Contreras.)

Zekiye Salman, President

As someone striving to proactively and collaboratively create a more just and equitable society, Zekiye Salman believes in critically interrogating societal values—their origins and their transmission through religion, politics, and pop culture. In opening up narratives within these frameworks, we can expand opportunities for and perceptions of marginalized communities and create spaces to confront inconsistencies between values and actions. These measures can catalyst a culture shift for constituents and politicians alike and can promote transparency and establish systems of accountability within our communities.

Zekiye graduated from Vanderbilt University with a graduate degree in theological studies and certificates in Gender, Sexuality, and Religion; Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture; and Women’s and Gender Studies. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, Zekiye began organizing and volunteering for grassroots movements that responded to the immediate needs and uplift the voices of members in our community. Prior to her graduate studies, she earned dual degrees in religious studies and history at Michigan State University.
Emily Dievendorf, Secretary

Emily Dievendorf is an independent political and nonprofit consultant and the former president of the Lansing Association for Human Rights. Prior to consulting Emily served as executive director for Equality Michigan where she advocated for LGBT-friendly policies among legislators and other political leaders throughout the state and at every level of government. Previously, Dievendorf worked in the Michigan House of Representatives for Democratic state legislators for nearly a decade.

Dievendorf is a graduate of James Madison College at Michigan State University with a degree in social relations. She has been active in numerous progressive issues, particularly LGBT equality, race relations and equality, women’s rights, and HIV/AIDS. Ms. Dievendorf has worked on several campaigns ranging from gubernatorial to contentious municipal ballot issue campaigns. She was recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of “Ten People to Watch in State Politics” in 2014. Emily was appointed in 2015 to the Michigan Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and is currently serving her second term on the committee.
Mario Gonzales, Social Media and Website Director

Mario Gonzales is originally a transplant from the great plains of Texas, but has been an indoctrinated Michigander since 2003. Until recently, he was a resident of the Kalamazoo region for almost 8 years, between his undergrad and early career. He returned to the Lansing area in 2016 and has become actively engaged with an assortment of local causes.

Gonzales brings with him eight years of experience both working and volunteering in various nonprofit areas ranging from youth development and community outreach, to political activism and advocacy. He is a proud AmeriCorps alum, having spent a year in service with Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan and the American Red Cross; as well as the former program director for the Hispanic American Council. He continues to work with different youth programming, helping shape minds and inspire the next generation of leaders.

He is a graduate of East Lansing High School, where he served as the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance that championed an inclusive community for all students of the diverse population. He holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University, with a minor in psychology as well as an Associate of Arts in psychology from Lansing Community College.
Erica Spitzfaden

Erica Spitzfaden is an IT professional with more than 32 years experience as a programmer, network engineer and database administrator. She is proficient with languages such as SQL, PHP and HTML, the very building blocks of websites and databases. She gained five years of experience working in a nonprofit by serving on the Lansing's Children's Ballet Theatre Props Committee. As a board member of LAHR, her primary focus is to provide technology guidance, but she has taken on many opportunities to serve as a spokesperson for LAHR about critical contemporary issues and has written articles for the LAHR newsletter. Additionally, Erica has presented on transgender issues with PFLAG and met with the Ingham County Sheriff's office, advocating for proper language use in press releases.
Mike Carlson

Mike Carlson is a lifelong Michiganian who graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in biochemistry/anthropology then promptly got a job at a bookstore. He soon found a career as an environmental chemist where he’s been for the past 27 years due to an overdeveloped sense of duty.

Mike worked as a volunteer and then director of the LAHR LGBT Hotline until the internet and some degree of social acceptance of LGBT issues made the helpline unnecessary. He has been on the LAHR board for many years and currently serves and sings on the board of LansingOut Gay Men’s Chorus. He is an unrepentant queer nerd boy who loves books, comics, tabletop role playing games, and social justice. He has an addiction to podcasts and will gladly talk you to death about whatever obsession du jour his magpie monkey mind is focused on that week.
Storm Notoriano

Storm Notoriano is a queer feminist and graduate from Michigan State University. Using their degree in Communications with a triple minor in Sociology, Organizational Leadership, and Women & Gender Studies, they dedicate their time to facilitating dialogue surrounding equity and healing. Storm currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and works as a Field Instructor at a wilderness therapy program in Utah. They consider themselves to be a group-centered leader, one to take initiative, and equally invested in both task and relationship. In their free time they can be found solo traveling, drinking a cup o’ joe at a greasy spoon diner, and seeking a dance floor.
Petra Grivins

Petra Grivins has spent her time on Earth trying to do as many different things as humanly possible. She has almost 30 years of volunteer experience in law enforcement, emergency medical services and firefighting. Full time, she works to assure that particle accelerators are used safely, locally and for Department of Energy projects around the country. Petra is part of the team that reconstituted Michigan State University’s Employee Pride and Inclusion Coalition (EPIC).

Petra has a keen interest in intersectional feminism, with fighting misogyny. She is also concerned with building bridges between police, fire and EMS and the LGBTQIA community.

Petra feels that education is a powerful tool in the fight against bigotry, and that sooner or later everyone will have to sit down and talk.
Laine Putans

Laine Putans moved to the Lansing area in 2018 and currently resides in Dimondale with her partner and pets. She received her MSW from Wayne State University and currently works as a macro social worker/researcher for the University's Center for Behavioral Health and Justice. Laine has a heart for social justice and service, along with several years of work and volunteer experience in the nonprofit world. Laine's current volunteer engagements include Meals on Wheels, CASA, and the Good Neighbor Project. Laine is also a member of JCI Lansing and her local recreation task force. For fun, Laine enjoys hiking, checking out local breweries and restaurants, birdwatching, going to the theater, and reading.