Williamston Continues to Defend the Fight for Fairness

Following the successful passage of a school district-wide policy that called for trans inclusion and equal access for all Williamston, MI students, the backlash against Williamston school board members has been swift and ugly. Threats of a recall preceded the vote and recall plans from the policy’s opposition started immediately upon passage, as did a lawsuit against school board members who voted in favor of the trans inclusive policy, claiming religious discrimination.

Supporters of the policy and of the school board members who fought for a safe learning environment for all students regardless of gender are choosing not to respond to the vitriol and chaos, but rather with an organized kindness.

Nicole Ellefson of Fair Williamston updated LAHR on the group’s efforts to prepare for a potential recall effort:

Nicole reported that Fair Williamston has started a public education campaign that is focusing on testimonials by folks in Williamston who support the board and our schools.  They are featuring one “Voice of Williamston” each week on the Fair Williamston public Facebook page and are also beginning a letter to the editor campaign, and hope to have pieces being submitted to the LSJ and other outlets soon. Soon you’ll be able to donate to Fair Williamstion! The group has established a PAC (political action committee) so that they can legally raise money and are getting their branding ready. Follow Fair Williamston on facebook and send them a message to help the effort.

While Fair Williamston is getting organized now, it is already clear that the soonest a recall could get on the ballot is the November 2018 election and that is assuming those pushing the recalls can collect the necessary number of valid signatures to put the recalls on the ballot. Regardless, Fair Williamston plans to be ready.

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